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Why Having Good Eyebrows Is So Very Important

Facial Symmetry

People don’t often associate beauty with eyebrows. They’ll think of things like eyes, lips, smiles, legs… Eyebrows are quite a long way down this list when it comes to parts of the body that make people attractive. This is so wrong though. Eyebrows play a crucial role in beauty. Think about this for a second:

It’s generally accepted that symmetry and beauty go hand in hand. That is to say – if your face is symmetrical, chances are you are a pretty good looking man or woman.

Now, most people have naturally symmetrical faces. Their eyes are usually the same shape and size and the left side of their mouth mirrors the right side pretty accurately. Eyebrows are a different story though. This is why women spend so much time getting them just right. If your eyebrows aren’t done right, they can have drastic effects on your overall appearance. In fact, good eyebrows on an average looking man or woman can actually make said person incredibly stunning. The opposite is also true. You may have the most beautiful mouth and lips in the world. If those eyebrows aren’t nice, thick and symmetrical, though, it won’t matter.

Eyebrow Styling Options

People also need good eyebrows so they can have some fun with them! If your eyebrows are thin and hard to handle, how can you style them properly? You want to be able to match up your brows with multiple different hairstyles. Think about how frequently celebrities change their hair style. While it’s always the new doo that gets the attention, don’t forget about those eyebrows. Compare several pictures of Angelina Jolie and you’ll notice that her brows change with her hairstyle. Having this freedom is a wonderful way to express yourself. If you’re unable to shape your brows in all sorts of beautiful ways, you may want to consider some kind of an eyebrow implant.


This is, perhaps, the most important role that eyebrows play for us. Good, strong, thick eyebrows give people confidence. Nothing is worse than feeling self conscious about the way you look. Think about how much better you’d feel if you knew you had a stunning set of brows framing your beautiful face!

How Do People Lose Their Eyebrows?

People from all walks of life are interested in eyebrow implants. One thing they all share, though, is the fact that they’ve lost hair from that part of their face. There are a ton of different things that can cause eyebrow hair loss. We’ll just cover the main ones here. Again, I encourage you to leave comments at the bottom of this article. The more questions people ask, the more informative this site will be for everyone that stops by.


People lose their eyebrows due to many different factors. A traumatic experience of some kind is one possibility. Fires seem to be one of the more common culprits. It’s not such a big deal if just the hairs are lost. They will, as everyone knows, grow back in time. When the burn is serious enough, though, the follicles that “house” these hairs are actually destroyed as well. This is bad news. It basically results in a condition where it’s impossible for any hairs to grow. For men and women who have been through an experience like this, eyebrows implants are usually the only option.

Diseases And Medical Treatments

Disease can also take away ones eyebrows. Thyroid disease, in particular, is notorious for causing eyebrow loss.

A more common cause, though, is medical treatment. Treatments for cancer often cause one to lose hair all over the body. The eyebrows are not immune to treatments like radiation, chemotherapy or removal of a tumor. Again, most folks dealing with these things will opt for an eyebrow implant.


Some people aren’t born with great eyebrows! This is just the truth. If your mother doesn’t have thick eyebrows, chances are you don’t either. Now, unlike the situations mentioned above, folks with thin eyebrows(as opposed to no eyebrows)have quite a few options. Most women just use make-up to kind of “fill out” the entire brow. This is an acceptable solution but it’s definitely not the best one. For people like this, partial eyebrow implants are often the answer as they don’t need an entire eyebrow replacement.


Huh? This mouthful of a word basically means “A case of chronic plucking”. Some folks have a pretty nasty habit of constantly plucking at their eyebrows. Now a bit of this is definitely OK. It’s actually required in many instances where you are trying to make both eyebrows symmetrical. If you’re doing it all the time, though, there is a chance that you’ll damage the follicles “housing” the hair. Damaging the follicle is comparable to damaging the roots of a plant. It’s unrepairable. If you think that you may suffer from Trichotillomania, contact your doctor or a licensed health care professional.

Eyebrow Implant Surgery

The eyebrow implant procedure is fairly involved. Now while they do vary from doctor to doctor, here’s a brief overview:

Before beginning, a plan for your eyebrows is discussed. A good surgeon should have a portfolio of sorts with quite a few different options.

“Would you like the Jennifer Connelly or the Halle Berry?”

While it’s not quite like this, shape, thickness and size are all discussed at length prior to the surgery.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia for the patient’s comfort. Grafts are taken from the scalp behind the patients ears. This is due to the fact that the hairs in this area are quite similar to the ones naturally found in the eyebrow. They allow the doctor a lot more control then if the hairs were taken from say – the top of the head. Behind the ear is also a fairly conspicuous little part of the body so no one will think you’re going bald!

The hairs are then implanted into the brow area above the eye. They are done one follicle at a time. That’s right – You’re not just getting a new hair stapled onto your face. This a hair AND a follicle. This means that, when all is said and done, you’ll actually have a proper eyebrow that grows. The hairs are typically inserted at a rate of about one every 1/2 mm. This ensures that a fairly dense brow is the final result. The angle and direction that the hairs are inserted at is absolutely critical. This is because natural hairs grow at a certain angle. A surgeon must do his best to duplicate this “natural” appearance when adding the hairs. For most full eyebrow implants, a total of 300 to 400 hairs are need per brow. The entire procedure takes about four hours.

After The Surgery

After the surgery is complete, the patient should expect minimal scabbing and bleeding. More often than not, the fullness of the new brow hides any swelling, bleeding or scabbing that may have come as a result of the surgery. Regardless, such symptoms will subside in a couple of days.

Some patients do experience itching post-surgery. It’s important that they refrain from itching the brows because it can result in infection. A doctor will often prescribe common antihistamines in order to help with this problem.

A few months after the surgery, the hair will fall out. Don’t worry! It’s the follicles that you care about. Shortly after the transplanted hairs are gone, your own new eyebrow hairs will start coming in. Due to the fact that these follicles actually came from a place on your head, the hairs grow quite a bit quicker than regular eyebrow hair. They’ll need to be trimmed about once a month in order to keep them at a natural length.

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